Pink Floyd
"The Dark Side of the Moon"
Norah Jones
"Come Away with Me"
Roxy Music
Depeche Mode
"Sounds Of The Universe"
Eric Clapton
Concord Jazz
Sampler Volume 1
Rolling Stones
"Sympathy For The Devil"
Spyro Gyra
"The Deep End"
Sheila Nicholls
Peter Gabriel
Poncho Sanchez
"Conga Blue"
deep purple
Deep Purple
"Machine Head"
"Toys In The Attis"
Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart
"It Had To Be You..."
Groove Armada
Art Tatum
"Piano Starts Here"
Snow Patrol
"Final Straw"
Steely Dan
Blue Man Group
"1970-1975 Extra Tracks"
Dire Straits
"Brothers in Arms"
Jeff Wayne
"The War of the Worlds"

Here you can buy any SACD (Super audio CD disk ) as quickly as nowhere in the world

You can do this right now, immediately and with help of your computer. All you need is to click on the mouse several times, to send the e-mail, to do money transfer, to download disk image and to write it down. If it is interesting for you, please, read the text below to make everything more clear.

What are you proposed to buy here:

Website sacdlab.cn offers you to buy files of DVD-Audio format containing disс images of sacd audiophile disс. The disсs contain studio multichannel surround sound of the highest quality. Each copy of sacd disc fits the master source and contains track list for user's convenience. We don't have SA-CD stereo editions in our catalogue. Our range of interests first of all is multichannel surround sound in DVD-Audio and SA-CD disc. That is why all Sacdlab's SA-CD to DVD-Audio projects have multichannel surround sound.

sacdlab.cn VS any other music store.

Disс price: you can hardly find sacd disc for 6$ in other good music store. You need no physical contacts with us. All the contacts are minimized and e-mail oriented.  You don't depend on any messenger service to deliver your purchase on time. The speed of the purchase depends only on the speed of your Internet provider.

Something about our sacd DVD-Audio catalogue and how to use it.

In our sacd dvd audio project are represented almost all music genres.
Classical music - vocal, orchestra music, choral classical music, classical music operas and symphonys.
Rock music - hard rock, havy metal, alternative rock music, country music, blues and rock-n-roll.
Jazz music - contemporary jazz, free and soul jazz music, orchestra jazz music, cool jazz music, fusion and modal jazz music.
Pop music - dance pop music, disko and techno pop music, electronic music and new age music.
Folk music and traditional music - celtic songs, country music, european ethnic folk music.
Please use the alphabetical index in our sacd dvd audio catalogue.
For classical music - used to find the composer first letter of the last name.
For other music genres - used to find the performer first letter of the first name.
Each page of our sacd dvd audio catalogue have information about performer name, album name, album tracks, quality and character of multichannel surround sound and DVD-Audio ISO size.

The following will be never found on our site !!!
DTS CD and other doubtful homemade projects.
Sound stream in Flac format and other sound for software playing with PC codec only

All Sacdlab's sacd dvd audio projects have 100% compatible with hardware DVD-Audio/Video players and have not "watermarks" and content protection for prerecorded media (CPPM) mechanism. In all our multichannel surround sound projects we have studio original Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and Hi-res uncompressed PCM, wich transferred into Meridian Lossless Packing (MLP) format according to specifications Red Book and Meridian Audio's MHR. We use the tools from M-Audio, Korg, Tascam, Pro Tool Studio Sys. and other brands in our work.

Why sacd disc transferred into DVD-Audio.

DVD-Audio format is the only format which allows delivering Hi-Res sound files to the end user in simple and comfortable manner. It is impossible to have the sound of such strong quality on CD-R or CD-RW. For money you paid you receive large file which you write down on you computer on empty DVD-R or DVD-RW disk and then it is listened on you music equipment. To play DVD-Audio disk your player had to support this format.  To play DVD-Audio/Video Hybrid disk you can use typical DVD player.

What does it mean: DSD, PCM, MLP.

DSD - Direct Stream Digital is the trademark name used by Sony & Philips for the system of recreating audible signals which uses pulse-density modulation encoding, a technology to store audio signals on digital storage media which is used for the Super Audio CD (sacd disc).

MLP - Meridian Lossless Packing - also known as Packed PCM (PPCM), is a proprietary lossless compression technique for compressing PCM audio data. MLP is the standard lossless compression method for DVD-Audio disc content and typically provides about 2:1 compression on most music material. All DVD-Audio players are equipped with MLP decoding, while its use on the discs themselves is at their producers' discretion.

PCM - Pulse-code modulation is a digital representation of an analog signal where the magnitude of the signal is sampled regularly at uniform intervals, then quantized to a series of symbols in a usually binary code.

DSD DFF files, Meridian Lossless files and PCM uncompressed files studio originals are the base for SA-CD and DVD-Audio disks creation.

What does it mean: DVD-Audio and DVD-Audio/Video Hybrid.

DVD-Audio disc contains multichannel surround sound in 5.1 MLP format. Sound quality is 24bit/88200-192000kHz. It is the analogue sacd surround audiophile disk quality. What is better SA-CD or DVD-Audio? This is the longstanding matter of dispute for many experts. DVD-Audio disk is not compatible with DVD player which doesn't support DVD-Audio format. That's why we have DVD-Audio/Video Hybrid. Hybrid disk can be used in typical DVD player. Such disk contains additional 5.1 Surround Sound in AC-3 Dolby Digital or DTS format. If hybrid disk is used in DVD-Audio player it automatically activates DVD-Audio content. Menu function is accessible only for DVD-Audio player.

What does it mean: ISO image file.

ISO file is the generally accepted standard which allows to save image of any disk. It doesn't depend on the disk format (e.g. cd or dvd). ISO files are compatible with practically any programs for computer disk writing. It can be used both on IBM or Mac. Do not use specific settings for burning our DVD-Audio disc ISO file. You can burn it as typical DVD disc and DVD-Audio will be burnt automatically. If you have no software for disk writing please refer to the link  ImgBurn

How did we manage to do this?

It is the result of long term laborious work and big money investment.

Why there are links to MP3 files on the site? (for PREMIYM CLUB members only)

You can download mp3 file to become acquainted with the creative work of any performer you don't know. All MP3 files contain full sacd disk standard stereo sound layer in 96 Kbps bit rate. Password for mp3 is sacdlab. The quality of MP3 doesn't worry us. MP3 is not our business.

Why there is a link to demo DVD-Audio disk on the site?

The link is for those who don’t believe that music of high quality can be sold through the Internet.

Some things to think about before you make the order on sacdlab.

  • Is your Internet fast enough? File size for download can reach 4GB.
  • Does your computer have RW-drive? Do you have empty disks? (Such disk must be of high quality!!!)
  • Do you have DVD player with support of DVD-Audio format (for playing non-hybrid DVD-Audio disc)?
  • Do you have special acoustic equipment which allows you to hear the multichannel sound?