How to burn ISO image from the sacdlab

Step 1

Extract downloaded file.

Step 2

Write derived ISO DVD-Audio image on blank DVD-R or DVD-RW using any burning softwate

Step 3

Do not use specific settings for burning our DVD-Audio disc ISO file. You can burn it as typical DVD disc and DVD-Audio will be burnt automatically.

Example "ImgBurn" (you can download it from our website or from official site

  1. Open ImgBurn and click "Write image file to disc"

  2. Iso
    Browse for a sacdlab ISO file on your computer

  3. disc
    Insert blank disc in to your DVD-drive and press "Write"

  4. write
Step 4

Listen your DVD-audio and enjoy!

Step 5

Listen to the written disk at first. Don’t rush through ISO file deletion from your HDD. Use only high quality blank DVD-R or RW.

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